Born in 1981, Franck Capelle grew up in sounds of rock, blues and folk records of his father.

Having played in several youth rock bands, he will study the classic guitar with Nadir Sakhri (alumnus of Alexandre Lagoya) and jazz with Philippe Roche. His musical studies led him to the University Paul Valéry and to the Conservatoire of Montpellier, to the University of Montreal, to the Conservatoire of Avignon and to the Ecole Nationale of Villeurbanne.

At the same time as the guitar, he studied the analysis and the classic writing, the composition, the baroque music and the contemporary music, and even learned about the trombone and a little bit the lute.

He holds the State Diploma of Guitar Professor as well as a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in musicology, speciality composition.

Franck Capelle has played in jazz bands (from the trio to the big band), funk, rock and electronic music and has accompanied artists of various universes, whether on guitar or keyboards (Morikan, Billie, Ok Press, Hey!b, Chopdye, You and my buddy, etc…).

Since 2008, Franck Capelle has become increasingly passionate about music production, mixing and electronic instruments. These new tools have allowed him to expand his musical approach and further stimulate his creativity, particularly through the use of analog synthesizers.

His musical universe is rich in many influences, ranging from jazz to American folk, from baroque to electronic music, to rock and contemporary music: Claude Debussy, Miles Davis, Jim Hall, György Ligeti, Radiohead, Justice, Ben Frost, Hans Zimmer, Le Poème harmonique, Claudio Monteverdi, Carlo Gesualdo, Neil Young, Allman Brothers, Johnny Winter, Daft Punk, and many others!